Shoot Like A Pro From Smartphone With Innovative Techniques


Nowadays as the technology has improved a lot, the Smartphone are available with the fairly cool cameras. Even the affordable Smartphone is also installed with stellar cameras. In fact many people who are taking the snapshots on the Smartphone are posting the images on the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Therefore it is necessary to have the high resolution photos for posting on the social media. However the Smartphone camera could not be matched with the DSLR camera performance but there are many techniques that would give you quite an option to capture the images. It is necessary to take extra care of clicking the photos instantly without any hassle.


Touch To Focus:

Normally, the Phone cameras comes with the auto focus features so that when the camera sees a face or object then it could be enough to standout the frame with contrast. You need to ensure that the subject is right in focus as auto focus could miss the big picture. Tap on the area in the frame that you need to have a sharpest sight of photos, and then touch the frame and camera would refocus.

Keep It Steady:

Hold the Smartphone steadily to get better photos on the snapshot. Even the high-end phone becomes slower when compared to the regular cameras and you need to keep it steady with enhancing the look of the image. Depending on how much light that the camera gets, the phone camera could significantly reduce the shutter speed. Keep it steady for 2 more seconds even after your phone shows clicked options and it would increase the chances of getting the sharp focused photos. Change the contrast of the images ultimately so that its would be useful for getting a clear image.


Use HDR:

HDR mode camera settings give better contrast for the image and it also helps the user to click on the usable photos even in the low light. In fact, most of the high-end phones also comes with the auto-HDR mode and it would increase the frame rate for improve the resolution of the image abundantly. In case, your phone do not have the auto HDR mode, then it is necessary to toggle it manually each time you shoot in the high-contrast or low light scenes. Capture the amazing images like a pro from your Smartphone so that it could be posted on the social media.