Winstrol the most common used drug


Winstrol is the common name of steroid Stanozolol. It was introduced in 1962 in laboratories and considered a safe formula. It is a clinically tested and FDA approved formula. Unlike other steroids it does not have harmful effects on the liver. It is mostly take orally rather than being injected.  It can help in decreasing extra body fat.

Winstrol is most commonly used in athletics by bodybuilders. It is taken by the bodybuilders so as to get a perfect physique. It can increase the performance of the athletes so it has been banned by many sports bodies.  In US it is used to boost the growth in stunted children. But nevertheless it finds its usage in bodybuilding.


The oral and injectable form of winstrol have the same chemical structure which makes their actions also same. It binds the androgen receptors in the body as compared to anadrol or dianabol.  It has great attraction for SHBG. As a result winstrol remains in the blood stream and can help in the growth of muscles.

It helps in protein synthesis which makes it a good steroid for building lean muscles. It only gives an illusion of fat lose without losing any amount of fat from the body. Taking it orally is recommended while injections are prohibited. Injections can prove harmful for liver of person.


Winstrol is taken only in oral form. When taken orally the results can lst for 9 hours. If you take injections then the results will last for 24hours. The recommended dosage of the formula is 5mg orally and 50mg through injections.


Just like any other steroid it is advised that you take the formula after the consultation from your soctor. Avoid taking the drug if amount of calcium in the blood is more or if the person is suffering from breast or prostrate cancer. Apart from this pregnant women should keep away from the formula. If the person has suffered a heart attack, diabetes, liver or kidney diseases then the usage of drug can prove dangerous.

Side effects

There are some side effects associated with the use of the formula. This is basically due to the dose of the drug. Person taking can suffer from liver disease, nausea and vomiting. There are some people who even faced problems in sleeping, swelling in ankles and dryness all over the body. Women may find changes in menstrual cycle, acne problems, hair growth on face and change in voice.

When to consult a doctor

Doctor should be consulted in case person faces

  • Change in sex drive
  • Probelem in breathing
  • Headache
  • Difficulty to sleep
  • Acne that worsens or even new appears


The normal dosage of the steroid varies from 25-50mg. People taking orally should take 25mg per day and people taking injections should take a dose of 50mg per day. People who are strong body builders can even take 50 mg both orally as well injections. It helps the people in decreasing extra body fat from the body.