Follow these easy tips to return to work while breastfeeding


You may be very excited of being a mother recently. But one thing that bothers you the most is how you would manage to feed the baby if you rejoin your work back.

Working mothers mostly have this question in mind when their babies are breastfeeding. Breastfeeding happens in the initial six months after the birth. Many mothers who were working pre-delivery of the baby look forward to join back work and even when they are nursing. Although it is best to keep the baby with you all the time atleast for the first initial months but sometimes your role is more demanding and forces you to return to work after two to three months of delivery.

It is even rationale to work for both the parents because babies are expensive. Many mothers find it convenient to switch to formulas if they are returning to work during breastfeeding months. But some mothers choose to continue with returning to work while breastfeeding as well. Babies are only dependent on mother’s feed for the first six months. The essential nutrients present in the breast milk are vital for baby’s growth. Though there are formulas available in the market today are made with keeping all the essential nutrients in mind, but they can’t be compared to the original breast milk. So don’t fret if you have to return to work and breast feed as well.

Just follow these tips and you can easily manage both the tasks perfectly:-

  • Select a good breast pump – Since you won’t be available for atleast 6 – 7 hours of the day to feed your baby and don’t want the baby to drink any formulas, this is the best possible solution. Use a breast pump to pump the milk and store it in feeding bottles. Baby might not enjoy drinking from the feeding bottles initially because they are more use to your nipples but eventually they would adapt.
  • Select a proper care provider – if you are not at home and you don’t have any family members back at home, then hiring a nanny would be a good option. Instruct the nanny to feed the baby at regular intervals so that the baby is not left hungry. When you return from work, make sure you feed the baby atleast once or twice.
  • Breast pump at regular interval – When the babies are in the first initial months, they need to be fed after every 2 to 3 hours. Therefore if you are out for more than 6 hours then you want ample amount of milk to be stored so that the baby is not short of milk. Hence, it’s advisable to pump milk atleast 8 to 12 times a day and store the milk in milk storage bags. The best way to store milk is to freeze it.
  • Do a trial run – Before you resume your work, it is advisable that you start making the baby familiar with the changes. Babies are very sensitive and can sense the change easily. So you don’t want your help or family members fighting behind your back with the baby to feed him.

Breastfeeding and returning to work can be managed easily if these tips are followed correctly.