Fenfluramine- A drug which has got no existence in the recent years


Obesity is one of the most disheartened problems that every person faces over their lifetime.  Sometimes it is hereditary and often it is caused due to certain bodily disorders.  So in order to control these things, there are various measures taken by doctors and physical trainers.

People often hit the gym in order to control the increasing rate of obesity.  Likewise there are few medicines which also help in lowering down the fat.  Yet, obesity is uncontrollable.


Here we will be telling about one of the most popular and a productive brand of drug known as Fenfluramine. This is basically a medication used in the treatment of obesity. Unfortunately this particular drug has been taken off from the market due to rapid side effects which it causes. The drug is related to serious heart diseases. Due to this, Fenfluramine was completely washed away from the US market.

Why is drug important in order to decrease obesity?

Well, many people may prefer some natural exercises in order to decrease obesity but a drug gives a complete magical performance.  Every kind of drug, if taken in a balanced way can help an individual to fight with this menacing problem. All over the world obesity is a cause of worry.  Another important aspect due to which a drug is preferably used by people is the quality of quick response.  A body reacts quickly to an effect from a drug.  Fenfluramine use to act upon the body in a very limited time with some productive result. Henceforth, a drug is sometimes the best way to fight with these issues.

Why Fenfluramine was washed away from the market?

Among many drugs which are available in the market Fenfluramine is one such item which was completely washed away from the market due to certain serious threats. One thing is very obvious that a drug is bound to cause some side effects.  Sometimes improper usage of drugs may even lead to serious threats; therefore it is necessary for every person to use it according to the doctor’s instruction.

In the case of Fenfluramine the story is completely different.  The drug was pulled down from the market in the year 1977 when there came several reports of heart valve disease and pulmonary hypertension which includes cardiac fibrosis.  Indian also banned this drug in the consecutive year.

It was reported that Fenfluramine and its various active metabolite norfenfluramine use to stimulate serotonin receptors that use to lead to some heart abnormalities in patients consuming this drug.

Now any type of drug that people consume in order to lose weight or obesity is quite risky for your health. Though this point has already been mentioned yet people should be reminded about it.  In compared to fenfluramine, other drugs are also there which sometimes do cause certain threats.

Different human bodies react differently to the drugs that are used. It may often happen that fenfluramine can actually suit an individual. Yet, universally it has been banned.

In a nutshell it can be said that there are innumerable drugs which are quite harmful to the body yet people are consuming those in order to get quick recovery. Proper uses of drugs may actually help an individual to get back to their desire shape. In compared to fenfluramine, the other drugs which are available can also help to reduce obesity and give a proper shape to the body.