A short guide to torn meniscus physical therapy


Common injuries are quite common indeed and when it comes to the knee it may become really troublesome for you in the long run. There have been many cases when people have overlooked the need to get the recovery from the troubled knee and have faced really serious problems later on.

There is a specific problem related to the knees and that is termed as the torn meniscus which generally affects the families in a massive way. It mainly affects lots of people who have been undergoing lots of squatting to improve their health and muscle strength.

This problem may trouble you at any point in life while bending your knee or turning quickly or twisting abruptly. Even when you are playing the contact sports, then also this problem can propel and may be a reason for the tear in your knee.

How to recognize if you have been suffering from the Meniscal tear?

You need to know that what is meniscus and how does it come to the forefront so to tell you the fact meniscus is basically the piece of cartilage which is c-shaped and helps in protecting the knee by providing the cushioning to it. Each knee has got two menisci in the inner and the outer part of the knee.

These ligaments need to be in proper shape so that your knee remains protected from the shocks and the jerks so it often works well as the shock absorber for the knee that you have.

There have been signs of this tear that you should know about when your knee gets troubled:

  • If you are injured then you will notice a sudden swelling in your knee
  • A tearing sensation you may get troubled with
  • You will find it difficult to walk
  • An intense pain may come up for the same reason
  • You will find it hard to get your knee joint straightened

Torn meniscus physical therapy remains something that you will get troubled with at any point in your life and these symptoms will help you to recognize the problem that may attack your healthy working knee. The knee joint always remains an area of concern because when it is not in the right and healthy working condition then you will find it hard to carry on with the problems.

Getting diagnosed and treated

Both of these things need to be apt and when there are symptoms that you find akin to the torn meniscus then certainly the physical therapy becomes a must. The doctor needs to carry out the test based upon various observations then only a confirmation for the torn injury remains a must.

If you are lucky then you may get a recovery from the trouble with the help of the physical exercise and it is the degree of swelling that helps the doctor to recognize that you have got the problem. You may go for the neuromuscular electrical stimulation or NMES which will significantly improve the strength of your joints.