The best athletic apparel for yoga

apparel for yoga

The sporting apparel known as Lululemon athletic, which makes yoga-inspired apparel for those who desire to live healthy and it is becoming popular in the sportswear industry. Lululemon was created by Chip Wilson of Vancouver, where it is currently based, as a result of a power yoga class that Wilson took in which he sweated profusely. Hence he realized that there was a need of a functional athletic fabric. He was very industrious and opened a design studio, which was also used as a yoga studio at night. There he sold his clothing and began a persuading the instructors to wear and he got feedback on his designs. This led him to open his first store in Vancouver.

Now there are over hundred stores across Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and US. Lululemon makes appeared for both women and men, which primarily focus on those who practice yoga, Pilates, dance, run and physical activities of just about any range. Men items usually consist of just about any range of hoodies, pats, jackets, headwear, shorts and underwear. There is a variety of women products, which include shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, tanks, headwear and also underwear. For purchasing purpose the women’s items are separated into the categories like fit, fit and flare, replaced and skinny. For sports it is classified as to and from, running and yoga. There are a large variety of fun colors to choose form such as electric orange, lily pad, Mac n cheese, portion purple, and fruity tootie. Lululemon was superior because it continued to morph out of being a commodity company this elevate the company’s growth.

apparel for yoga

Lululemon Athletica:

The fabrics that the Lululemon apparel is made form are labeled in three spate categories, which are for outside, low impact and high impact. The outside fabrics are wind and water resistant and are exceptionally light. With the low impact fabrics, the makeup is of a more natural such as with the yarn that comes from the organic cotton, wood pulp and seaweed. The high impact fabrics take moisture away from the skin and disperses it throughout the entire fabric which means that this fabric is moisture wicking. These products have feature which benefit in maximum effort while doing exercise because of its special type of feature.

Things such as emergency hair elastics, adjustable straps, removable cups and also the hidden pockets work together for the added benefits of the wearer. Some might feel that this clothing is a little on the pricey, but one cannot argue the fact that they are extremely versatile, stylish and comfortable. These features elevate the complete growth of the company. Lululemon also gives back to the community with the stores hosting the yoga classes and also weekly events. These products are very good workout investment and anyone who owns a few of these items will surely wonder how they made it through a workout session prior to purchasing them. Recently Lululemon has taken a number of important steps toward future success. It has used the latest technology to improve the customer service and also online shopping.