3 Benefits of Using an Exam Guide


If your exams are approaching, one of the best decisions you can make is to opt for a study guide. In the present scenario exam guides are convenient and comprehensive. They are different from the paper bound study guides, which students were using earlier. Many of these guides are accessible online and they also have a feature to measure your progress. This will help you to go for an assessment exam and it will give you valuable insights for the exam. Examinations cover a lot of content and opting for a study guide is like putting your efforts in the right direction to achieve your goal.

You Will Save a Lot of Time

You will find loads of articles which are dedicated to the concept of organizing and the gathering your exam notes. They also help you to prepare your own study guide and utilizingNotecards. Many times it is a difficult job to organize the material in a systematic order and even if you do it success is not guaranteed. What will happen if you misunderstand a piece of information, what to do when you could not attend your class about a topic? You will be surprised to know that many students cannot read their own handwriting because when they pen down the important subject notes in haste. So what will happen if you are one of them and cannot read your own handwriting.


This doesn’t mean that you have to throw your notes; as a matter of fact the act of writing will boost your memory when you see them again and again. The same notes may also take you to the time when you understood the whole concept.

Benefits of Study Guide

The benefit of the study guide is that it will make sure you have not missed anything and all the important information is organized to help you. The information which is provided is accurate and comprehensive to cover all the difficult and important concepts. It is dished out in an easy way for better understanding. When you have all the streamline content, you do not need to spend much time on organizing and reviewing the content.

You Will Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The pre – assessment test will help you to realize as how much you know about a specific area of your study. They will also help you to understand as how much time you need to put in for studying. Making your own pre-assessment test will not help you to determine your weaknesses because when you are preparing the test for you, you already know the answers. Opting for amock exam will help you to understand the weak part of your study.

A Study Guide Will Simulate the Exam Experience

Your study guide consists of questions in the same format as your exam. There may or may not be the same questions, which you will find in the exam, but this will cover the exam content with the same structure. This will help you how to take multiple choice questions and finish them within the allotted time period. How to opt for multiple-choice questions? Time management during an exam is important and exam guides also help you in this process.