Using The Best Project Management Tools Online to Enhance Productivity

Project Management

How to enhance the productivity of your organisation by the use of project management tools? This question can be best answered if you find the answer to the three basic questions pertaining to the execution and completion of a project:

  • What is the stipulated time for the completion of the project
  • What are the basic things required to be executed by the project management software
  • Who is / are responsible to complete the project within the stipulated time.

If you keep the answers to these basic questions in mind, while making the selection for the best project management tools, then the chances of your making a mistake in selecting the right tool is reduced considerably.

Project Management

Some Smart Ways to Manage Your Project in an Effective Way

  • The persons that you employ, i.e. the team managers and the staff to execute the projects for you, should be highly professional and must know their jobs absolutely, without any confusion whatsoever. Here, you have a big responsibility of guiding your team in the right way, so that there remains no ambiguity in their understanding of the projects and the job/s can be completed without hassles and without any delay.
  • The communication with each and every team member should be maintained by the project managers, to avoid unnecessary complications in job allocation, fixing of time schedules and deadlines and loss of resources.
  • You should be more specific in fixing targets for the team members. Fixing jobs in a generic manner like “deliver as much of the report as possible” is more difficult to adhere to. You must issue such targets like “Deliver the report with 3 segments completed”. This is easier to implement as easier for you to keep track.
  • The team members must all be aware of the use of the project management online tools so that they may keep in touch with one another through the communication channel set up by the software. There should be free exchange of ideas, thoughts and also sharing of problem areas. This would enable the team to reach solutions by themselves and in a very short time.
  • The staff members would be clear about how much time is stipulated for the completion of each slice of job. If they are in disagreement about the time, they must bring it to the attention of the project managers to allow them additional time. If feasible, the manager must allow that.
  • You must convene virtual meetings over the video conferencing facility of the project management tools with your project managers and the project managers should do that with his team members on a regular basis, so that under no circumstances are there any chance of stagnations and complications developing into serious problems.

If all your team members are clearly communicated their duties and what is expected of them, the time stipulations and the quality of deliverables, then your projects are bound to run smoothly , yielding you the best possible results out of your investments and helping you keep your commitments.