Real vaping experience in day to day life


All the smokers are tired of hearing this term called stop smoking from many, am I right? Actually they will get irritate if the term is often used by the people around them. It causes them to smoke more and more. For all the smokers just relax and be calm. Think of you and your health and do not get tense now. As it is your health no one born to live your life. Someone may depend on you and you should think of them. I am not here to advise you but I can give you the alternative solution for forgetting the smoking and I can hear your question, what it is right.

e juice

It is vaping. It is the process of puffing the smoke with the help of electronic cigarettes. E cigs are called electronic cigarettes comprising of chemical materials such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, some amount of nicotine, flavors and distilled water and these are called e liquids or otherwise called as e juices. The case study shows that the vaping is better than smoking. Still in many regions the argument is going but the experts said that the vaping is the intelligent choice to prefer.

Safe vaping recipes

Based on the e juice, the recipes are made that add more tastes. Now it is the trend of adding e juices to the beverages, creamy, candy, fruity and so on. The vapers are in the height of happiness to taste whenever they want. The only thing that everyone should notice is that finding the right mixture of the flavors. For example you can add the eliquid with banana nut bread, it gives awesome to take in the breakfast or banana pan cakes with blue berries, maple syrup and whipped cream. You will have more useful suggestions for how to use the juices for vaping in daily recipes.

There are various ways to add the colouring and flavouring agents to the recipes. The propylene glycol acts as the colouring agent and vegetable glycerine acts as the flavouring agent. Both the agents are non toxic so know the limit usage of the agents  and use it. Be aware of the dosages should give to the recipes so that you will not find any side effects. The nicotine content is depending on the user to fill so you can order the quantity online itself. There are the sellers providing this facility so grab the opportunity and utilize technology of our experts.