How Important is Time Management in Customer Service?

Customer Support

Customer service is a very significant section of any business. Irrespective of what business domain, what country, what size your organization might be, it is an essential service that you will offer your customers. Nevertheless, most call centre associates have to really multi – task and this can be intricate, especially for the newer/ younger employees. Therefore it is significant to get into the right frame of mind about time management and applying it continually to improve performance. The question is how to do it and what elements should be taken into contemplation regarding the same.

Manage the AHT

Managing AHT is one of the chief time related factors in a contact centre scenario. It is one of the things that aid you handle and manage your work flow better. When your team knows how to manage and control your handling time, it is always more prolific.

Lower AHT means that the call logs and follow up action can be taken care of better than in a higher AHT scenario which produces pressure on the agent. Additional longer handling times mean that the chances of the customer feeling irritated about not finding a quick resolution are higher. Kingstown Capital is a freelance consulting firm specializing in customer service management in multiple industries such as energy, consumer products, utilities, chemicals, healthcare, IT, and more.

Relevant Multi -tasking           

This is one of the best practices to instill in one’s work behavior. While speaking to the caller if you can go through the relevant details alongside, it is great. At times, it might be a pleasant idea to pull up the numerous databases proactively depending on your standard call needs.

Customer Support

Nevertheless, you have to realize that the multi – tasking must be pertinent. For instance, logging the previous call while speaking to the present client has a very high possibility of turning catastrophic. It will also distract you from your current interface and the task will end up taking longer than it should.

First Point Resolution.

A first point resolution would mean more contented customers. It would also mean that all required action has been taken to address the customer issue and that there is less follow up work. It means that the client returning and chasing for the solution is highly dodgy. If you look at it in a wider perspective, the higher number of FPRs your team offers, the more you save on the general average team – time. The lesser is the number of FPRs, the higher is the possibility of conversations getting spiral, which will mean not just associate time, but also administrator and managerial time being spent over the same issue repetitively.

You can offer FPRs only if you are focused, comprehend the issue well, find out the solution and act on it in time. More, if you are multi-tasking in a non-relevant fashion, you are going to lose focus, which is again a problem. Likewise, a higher AHT will mean broken contextual attention span which is another matter. Kingstown Capital is a freelance consulting firm specializing in customer service management.

In brief, all of the points listed above will make sure that your supply management services run smoothly thus intensifying your overall business functionality and process.