How to select a car cover?

car cover

A car cover explains how much the car means to you. The beauty of the car is damaged by the worst climate and pollution. The car is parked in the hot and cold environment throughout the year in all four seasons. So a weatherproof cover is become mandatory. Also the abrasive dust particles makes minor scratch that spoils the great look. All these problems cannot be claimed from the insurance company. So a car cover is necessary based on the climate condition at your place and the exposure of parking area. The outdoor car parking needs a cover that hide the valuables inside it to get robbed. It is better to have an idea of different types of car covers that serves different purposes.

The merits and demerits of different covers depends on the fabric fibres used for manufacturing.

A car cover material should give an assurance in the following,

  • Weather shield
  • Very quick dry time
  • Air breathable
  • Sun light radiation resistance
  • Dust free
  • Less scratching
  • Long life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Light in weight

All the above said is expected in the outdoor car covers. But the indoor car cover does not need all the things like sun light resistance and quick dry time. The more number of option you seek that decides the price. So it is obvious indoor car covers are inexpensive compared to outdoor cover.

car cover

Weather shield car cover is mostly designed for sports car and dessert environment. The high temperature environment forms oxides with the paint and makes it wear out.  There are very tight polymer covers as well as porous covers. The porous cover increases the air breathing capacity and reduce the moisture accumulation as well as avoid the condensation.

Why does an indoor parked car covered?

The indoor car parking is mostly a dusty environment of most dumping. So abrasive dust scratch of the paint and pamper the look. So the only requirement for indoor car covers is dust free and moisture free. There are different variety of indoor covers like dustop, Tan flannel, form fit and many more. Mostly these are composite fibres which is designed to resist the dust sedimentation over the metal surface.  As said earlier they will be very soft to smooth with surface. There are universal car cover which can utilized in both outdoor and indoor. Also a custom car cover is available for modern cars.